Communications strategists with an inside-out approach.

We’re communications strategists who take an inside-out approach to business transformation.

Whether it’s business growth or decline, a merger or acquisition, or the introduction of a new product or service, we provide the expert know-how you need to strike while the iron’s hot. This means delivering the right message to the right people at exactly the right time. And it starts with your internal team—notably employees. Because in business, timing is everything.

But internal and corporate communications are just the starting point. Our expertise also spans development of business strategy, external public relations and marketing, brand messaging and positioning, crisis communications planning, qualitative research and more.

What makes IronStrike different?

At IronStrike, we have a fiery passion for helping leaders transform their culture from the inside out.

Many companies spend a great deal of effort building public awareness of their brand, yet fail to dedicate the internal resources and effort needed to sustain the business. We serve as a catalyst for lasting change—helping clients forge a new vision for their business. We do this through well-planned and executed internal communications, leadership strategies, and external marketing and branding.

Organizations often turn to us when they’re on the cusp of change. It could be a simple face lift or a total transformation. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that their leaders navigate the change with precision. That’s where we can help.

Myra Cocca

Myra Cocca, APR, Fellow PRSA

Myra has three decades of public relations and marketing experience with a focus on helping organizations lead change through effective communications and business strategy. She takes an inside-out consulting approach to ensure leaders and employees are unified around a cause or message before launching a new initiative externally. This proven approach positions organizations to drive results and impact the bottom line.

Through client workshops and speaking engagements, Myra enjoys sharing her experiences, best practices and practical steps in navigating change through effective communications.

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